Fundraising with Simply Scents

Raise Funds with our Summer Fragrance Collection

Typical Candle Fundraiser:

Your group or organization received the sample packs and immediately began. To take orders and collect. Sample packs include up to 12 Best-selling fragrances and order forms.  Sample Kits are $5 each.

Items Sold 

  • Our Signature 8 oz. Jelly Jar
  • 2 oz. Aroma Spray
  • Scented Aroma Bags   

Fundraisers usually last approximately 2 –3 weeks. Money is collected for all sales at the time of order. Once each member completes all sales, a grand total is calculated.

The fundraiser coordinator will calculate totals for the entire group. Your group keeps 50% of the profits instantly, and the remaining is due to Simply Scents at the time the order is placed. No Checks accepted Turnaround time for your delivery is 5 - 7 business days from the day the order is placed.

*If each member sales a minimum of 12 candles, they will contribute at least $54.00.

A group of 10, with each member selling a minimum of 12 candles, will contribute $540.00

It’s just that SIMPLE.